Nathan wasn’t born when he was supposed to be.  He wasn’t on time.

Only he wasn’t late…he was early.

He made his entrance into this world almost a full month before he was scheduled to.

What this meant for me was that instead of shooting his newborn session at 6-8 days like I usually do, I shot it at 19 days…and he was still the smallest newborn I’ve ever worked with.  When I came to take his picture, he should have still been inside his mother.  Which is a strange concept to grasp.

But what this all really boils down to…is that Nathan is a miracle.  A beautiful miracle.  Newborn sessions always lead me to this conclusion.  But Nathan is so small and so perfect and he’s been through so much more than most 19 day olds have.

I felt lucky to be there with him…holding him, soothing him, capturing these sweet moments.  Nathan’s parents are so blessed to have this healthy, happy baby boy…

and I am so happy that they will always have these pictures to remember the sweetness and beauty of those first days.