Press & Praise

“Brooks’ unique artistic sense of style gives her the ability to capture each snapshot as if it were a perfect composition…not just a family in the park… but a beautiful moment in time that will last forever.- Burton

“I had my maternity pictures done recently and I can not tell you how pleased I am with them! Brooks did such a great job of picking out spots for pictures that I never would have thought of. None of the poses were cheesy, just all around natural, great pictures. I am so happy to have such amazing pictures to be able to look back on my pregnancy! - Cynthia

“Love, love, love these pictures AND love, love, loved working with you! You have sooo much patience! I would have never been able to keep it all together with a baby on the go!- Margaret

“With her photography, Brooks ensures that we are able to enjoy the majesty and grandeur of living a moment in this world forever.”  - Paul